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Resonance feedback

Retrouver ici le pdf concernant l'atelier resonance feedback animé par Victor Mason.


Resonance & Feedback stands for a praxis workshop about hand-made coils, pick-ups, analog amplication, feedback and electromagnetism to create electromagnetic feedback over resonace ferric systems. The following documentation has been completed since 2008, based on an empirical approach to electronics and magnetism. It will be uploaded during the following years based on different collaborations between workshop assistants, diy tecnology evolution, suggested bibliography and personal re/search. Different workshops has been made about this topic on different locations like: Tramuntana Festival, Summerlab LABoral, Open Taqafa Casablanca, Somme- Kampf workstation HKW, HGB-Leipzig, HFK-Bemen, Mp19 ØpenLab and :R headquarters in Berlin. This following information is intended to be used as a practice manual for such kind of behaviours as it is, without any warranty to get fun, pain or joy by the attendant.

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