Taking Personalization and Notch Higher With Machine Learning

So far, Marketing Automation has been the standard practice to personalize marketing message. Sending right message to the right customer at the right time and channel. But, CMOs and Digital Marketing Executives who are already using marketing automation wonder if this kind of personalization is actually working?

In B2B segments, pre-defined personas work to a degree. But as more data is accumulated and analyzed, things tend to blur. It makes one wonder if more personas exist; if more behaviors exist; and if more audience segments exist. Besides, Marketing Automation is useful only in the middle of the sales channel, when we have enough individual digital signatures.

Machine Learning on the other hand can help resolve most of these personalization problems across the funnel. The other exciting part of machine learning is that CMOs can now identify new segments, personas and behaviors to tailor and design new content and offers for the customer in the top of the funnel which market automation finds it difficult to address.

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